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Bluegrass Situation Premieres "North Country"

I wrote this about the indigenous people of the island of Ireland engaging the Vikings in Viking raids! I started writing this on the banks of Lough Melvin looking up at Rossinver Mountain in the village of Garrison in County Fermanagh where my family are from. This song took many years to take shape and present itself to me; I started this maybe in 2001 and it was finished in 2015. When we went in to cut it in Nashville with Mindy Smith, Sam Bush, and Chessboxer, they were able to add depth and mood to this historical story.

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No Depression: Danny Burns and Friends - A Collaborative Gem

“When I saw Danny Burns a while back at Music City Roots (please find a new venue MCR, we miss your intelligent spirit!), I learned a few facts - a lad from County Donegal in Ireland, given the opportunity to work with some impressive musicians, a new album with some gifted contributors, the new songs previewed that night sounded strong.”

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Billboard: Danny Burns Returns to Folk Roots With 'Waiting on Something to Give': Video Premiere

“Danny Burns is no newcomer to music; The Irish-American troubadour has been working and traveling for some 20 years now and even released an album, briefly, back in 2010. But he considers North Country, coming out Jan. 18 -- previewing here with the video for the track "Waiting on Something to Give" -- as his "first official official release."

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